Runes of Magic Plush Little Death Figure

Runes of Magic Plush Little Death Figure
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This is a highly detailed 21cm tall plush of the Little Death from Runes of Magic and comes complete with a plush scythe and wears adorable purple fabric robes.

It comes with an in game code for Runes of Magic, which confer the following (rather fantastic) additions to your account:

  • Loyal Little Death - Pet Egg: Experience and talent points gained in battle as well as drop rate are all increased by 20%.
  • Transformation Potion - Little Death: Transforms the user into Little Death for 1 hour.
  • Black Sail Treasure Chest: Contains 5 inventory spaces and provides a TP bonus.
  • God's Redemption Ticket: Using this will immediately remove the XP and TP debt of your primary class.
  • Big Angel's Sigh: Experience point loss through death is waived for 1 day. Also prevents "Injured" state during the Siege War.
  • Phoenix's Redemption: Escape death and return HP to full once within 2 hours after use. After triggering the effect there will be a 10 minute inhibition time. During this time it will not be possible to use Phoenix's Redemption again.

Please note that the in-game codes are for the EU version of the game.

We Say: This item is worth it purely for the in-game bonuses, which are well above average in terms of use.