Moshi Monsters Sports Watch

Moshi Monsters Sports Watch
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Introducing the latest super cool product from the Moshi Monsters phenomenon, the Moshi Sports Watch! An absolute must for any Moshi fan!

There are six styles to collect in a variety of colours. The watches are blind bagged, meaning you never quite know which watch you're going to get!

With over 50 million players signed up to the online Moshi Monsters game, they boast one new user per second, forecasting this watch range to be huge!  The inclusion of secret code cards which redeem exclusive in-game items means that this collection is sure to be a monstrous hit with all fans! 

Every watch features a Moshi Monster character, including Poppet, Katsuma, Furi and Diavlo.

There are six colours to find in each character, purple, pink, red, green, yellow and white, giving a total of 24 different watches to collect!

Moshi Sports Watch Features

  • 6 cool Moshi characters to collect
  • 4 different colours for each Moshi Monster (for a total of 24 different possible watch colours and styles) 
  • Moshi Monsters access code with every watch